Therapeutic Massage in Janesville, Wisconsin

What is Therapeutic Massage and is it the type of massage you are looking for?

Massage Therapy has come a long way in recent years.  The medical community has recognized the important benefits of Therapeutic Massage.  Massage therapy is a great complementary and alternative treatment for a wide range of situations.  The State of Wisconsin has also recognized massage therapy and now requires all massage therapists to be state licensed and certified.

Massage Therapy Janesville WIMany painful symptoms may be relieved with Therapeutic Massage.  You may want to try this method of massage for relief of anxiety, headaches, insomnia related to stress, sports injuries or soreness due to workouts, digestive disorders and other conditions that cause chronic pain.

Therapeutic Massage should only be performed by a trained, certified and licensed massage therapist.  This type of massage requires in depth knowledge of the affected area and how the body is connected.  There is a lot to consider when targeting a specific condition.  The muscles and organs and how they connect to the nervous system and work together must be taken into account.  A certified and licensed massage therapist will have training in the total body and will know what type of massage is best to relieve the stress on the specific area experiencing pain or discomfort.

Your body is an amazing and wonderful, interconnected being.  It never ceases to amaze us how much stress affects the human body.  Any time you experience illness, injury or depression it is most likely that stress is affecting you in some manner.  Therapeutic Massage can help increase blood flow to the area which brings natural internal healing to your body.  This can improve and enhance healing for many medical procedures.  Talk to you doctor and see if Therapeutic Massage may help you.

Sports Injury JanesvilleAre you a hard core athlete or just working out to stay in shape?  Either way you most likely have experienced muscle pain related to exercising. Therapeutic Massage will target those areas that are sore and help your muscles to relax.  Tight and stiff muscles are a perfect recipe for injury.  Massaging those sore muscles will keep your muscles loose and flexible and are the perfect complement to any workout routine.

Help your body heal itself with a Therapeutic Massage.  Dawn Richardson at Destination Relaxation, LLC is a trained, certified and licensed massage therapist in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Contact Dawn to discuss your Therapeutic Massage needs.

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