Corporate Chair Massage

Benefits of Massage

Corporate Chair MassageIt’s no secret that massage is great for the body, mind and soul.  Massage is a great way to relieve stress and promote wellness.   There is no doubt that a massage is one therapy that most people look at as enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing.  So if massage is such a benefit why not offer this to your employees as a perk at the workplace?

Offering a Corporate Chair Massage as a Perk

Chair massage in the workplace is one of the best, low cost benefits that you can offer your employees with little to no administration input.  More and more companies are realizing that perks in the workplace are the solution to employee satisfaction and employee retention.  Corporate Chair Massage is one perk that you as an employer will also realize a great benefit from as well.

Employees who have chair massages in the workplace feel better right away.  They find that they have an immediate reduction of stress and a clearer mind.  After a massage many employers find their employees to be more productive, having improved concentration and are more alert.  You will also find that they have a more positive attitude and are happier.  Companies who offer chair massages at work find that sick time and health care cost can be reduced.  Employee morale is increased and cooperation between employees is improved.   What other perk can give benefits back to you as an employer and your employees will absolutely love you for it!

Reducing Stress When You Need Your Employees the Most

Does your company have a busy season?  How stressful does an accounting firm get at tax time?  How about the middle of putting together a large proposal for a big contract? Maybe you are changing your computer systems.  Are you asking for more production out of your staff?  Your employees are putting in late nights, experiencing tons of stress at a time when you need them at their peak performance.

Imagine what a corporate chair massage can do for your employees during the most stressful time of your business.  Don’t wait until the heavy workload ends.  We can come in and set up to offer immediate relief to your overloaded employees.  Stress can be your biggest adversary and cripple your employees when you need them the most.  A fifteen minute chair massage can be like hitting the stress level reset button.   You will be amazed at the results and increased productivity after a corporate chair massage in the same time as a simple coffee break.  Giving your employees a massage during these stressful times can reduce the burn out effect that many high stress jobs experience.  Keeping your great employees will reduce the stress on you and save you money!

How Does Offering a Corporate Chair Massage to Employees Work?

We will come in and set up a specially designed massage chair in an area that works for you.  The more we can get your employee away from the noise and activity of the workplace the better.  Whether the corporation pays, subsidizes or just offers the opportunity to the workforce is up to you.  We do require that we are booked for at least two hours per facility.  We ask that each person has at least a ten minute session.  The charge is only $1.00 per minute!  In no time you can give your employees the break and relaxation that will benefit you both!

Give Dawn Richardson at Destination Relaxation a call at (608) 290-0950 for more information or to book your Corporate Chair Massage appointment today.  You will be glad you did!