Massage Therapy Questions

Massage Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is preventing you from visiting a professional massage therapist?  You may have questions that you are afraid to ask or misgivings of what happens in a massage treatment session.  We have offered some questions and answers to common questions.  If you have other questions which may not be addressed here and is preventing you from enjoying a therapeutic massage or relaxation massage in Janesville, WI, then, please give me a call.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have to ease your mind about massage therapy.

Q.  Do I need to get fully undressed for a massage?

A.  Before your massage begins, you will be given the opportunity to remove clothing only to the level of your own comfort.  Your massage therapist will step out of the room to give you privacy.  You can undress in private and remove only what you are comfortable with and those items such as jewelry that may interfere with the massage.   You will lie on the massage table and cover yourself with the sheet and blanket.  This sheet and blanket will cover you at all times except for the area being massaged.  Your massage therapist will work with you to assure that you are comfortable throughout the massage session.

Q.  Who is massage therapy for?Senior Massage

A.  Massage therapy is for everyone! We come in all shapes and sizes, young and old, big and small.  We all have muscles that get stiff and sore.  Every person on earth deserves the amazing benefits of massage therapy.

Q.  Can I get a massage when I am Pregnant?

A.  Absolutely!  Pregnancy massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you are pregnant.  Talk to your massage therapist informing them of where your pains and sensitive areas are.  Relaxing those muscles under stress from the changes in your body during your pregnancy will benefit both you and your baby.

Massage Janesville WIQ.  Does massage hurt?

A.  Deep tissue massages that target deep layers of muscles and the tissues surrounding may leave those muscles a little sore.  This is a massage therapy that puts more pressure on specific areas to resolve a deeper or chronic problem. Deep tissue massage may cause some discomfort, but will result in relief of the deep tissue.

If you want a relaxation massage there is no discomfort with this type of massage.  If anything hurts, then communicate that with your massage therapist, and the pressure of the touch can be adjusted so that your massage is perfect for you.

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